Hello, my name is David Burditt.

I'm a native of Fort Worth, Texas, and I'm thirty years young. This website is for movie reviews. I call these reviews ultimate to convey that I will give you maximum effort and a decisive and conclusive opinion. By ultimate review I also mean that it's up to you to think and respond for yourself. The last word before you view a movie.

These reviews should be a starting point for you. I want you to be enlightened, and I want you to enjoy what filmmakers have worked so hard to create, shape and form. I want you to know that your opinion matters, too. How you respond to any movie matters. I want each review to be a starting point for your joy. As you, the reader, and I, the writer, interact, I hope that you may find joy.




Ultimate: last; furthest; ending a process; maximum; decisive; conclusive; highest